Introducing IDXP Promotion Power (TM)

A Ground-breaking Analytics Solution that Provides CPG Brand and Shopper Marketing Managers with Real-time ROI Measurement of In-Store Promotions.
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It’s all about sales conversion

To maximize sales and increase store profitability, you need to know your customers. Number of visitors, heat maps, dwell time and other measures reveal the inner workings of your store floor.

But, just having this information doesn’t drive retail store success.

Where other in-store shopper behavior analytics solutions stop,
IDXP is just getting started.

The IDXP Path Platform

The IDXP Path Platform™ provides real-time, in-store shopper behavior analytics with unmatched aisle-level accuracy and seamless POS Data Correlation. Our ability to deploy these capabilities rapidly and cost effectively at scale takes retail tracking technology to new levels. With IDXP, you know exactly when, how, and why a shopper becomes a buyer and how to get them to buy more.

Breakthrough technology.
Stand out simplicity.

Our proprietary consumer behavior tracking backbone lets you follow your customers through the sales funnel, observe what captured their interest and where they went next in the store. No other retail analytics platform delivers the precision, depth of detail, and insight of IDXP. It’s designed to give store and brand managers fast, direct access to what they need to know without the need for data scientists or business analysts to uncover actionable insights.

Deeper analytics drive conversions

The ability to transform all this data into actionable insights is what makes IDXP so unique. Our proprietary algorithms and analytics correlate a range of variables to give you information to improve every aspect of your stores' execution and brand merchandising effectiveness — from product placement and promotional targeting to improved merchandise mix and optimal checkout experience. By bringing all of the details of the in-store environment into sharp focus, IDXP helps you deliver a better shopping experience, and dramatically increase sales.

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